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Salesforce Integration and Automation

Easily Meet Customer Expectations by Integrating Salesforce with Your Jira Stack

Plum CRM’s integration for Salesforce enables a two-way flow of information between tools, giving your teams visibility into customer needs. 

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Salesforce Integration and Automation

Software development and delivery depends on the synchronization of people, processes, and tools and the key to customer success is delivery high-quality products at speed. This calls for improved collaboration, visibility and traceability into customer data and a seamless uninterrupted flow of information. And to eliminate manual efforts by connecting people and tools and automating processes.


Improve collaboration and customer satisfaction score

Seamless Data Sharing

 Facilitate smooth communication by getting complete view of customer priorities.

Streamlined Feedback Collection

Enable uninterrupted flow of information between teams by sharing gathered customer feedback with development teams for informed decision-making.

Customize your workflows and improve productivity

Integration and Adaptability

Enjoy a highly configurable solution that eliminates manual efforts and enables synchronization of custom objects between tools, providing adaptability to evolving business requirements and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Improve productivity and issue resolution time

Get complete visibility into status updates, change requests and new feature requests, enabling teams to deliver faster and improve customer satisfaction.


Automate yourSalesforce-Jira workflows for improved customer experience

Plum CRM’s integration suite connects Salesforce and Jira bi-directionally. It ensures that all data is available to each user, in that user’s preferred system, with full context, in real-time. The cases between Jira and Salesforce synchronize and all workitems, such as defects along with comments and attachments, synchronize to both systems in realtime.


Three easy steps to connect Salesforce and Jira

Step 1: Configure Salesforce and Jira systems through Plum CRM

Step 2: Configure the mapping - select the project and entities, map the fields of the selected entities

Step 3: Configure and activate the integration

why will you choose our application


Cumbersome Manual follow-ups Ineffective collaboration Lack of status updates


SF-Jira Integration with Plum CRM


Enhanced Collaboration Effective ticket resolution