Deliver High-quality Customer Experience faster by integrating yourCRM with Jira

The intuitive, plug-and-play Plum CRM integration solution enables end-to-end visibility into customer needs and wants without having to switch tools.


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Transform the Way Your Teams Work

Our CRM tool enables bi-directional flow of information between your CRM and Jira, and all data will be accessible in the preferred tool of choice, which in turn provides traceability into statuses of tickets, change requests, and updates.

Improve CSAT score and issue resolution time

The cases between Jira and the CRM tool synchronize and all work items including defects, comments and attachments get updated in real-time, enabling the teams to resolve issues faster.

Empower your teams with automated workflows

Eliminate manual efforts between customer success and backend teams about ticket/issue statuses, updates, and priority accounts and contacts.

Enhance customer communication

Diminish collaboration barriers between teams that helps in keeping customer priorities clearer, and makes communication with the customers seamless.

Choose the CRM plugin relevant to you

Empower your business with a self-service CRM integration solution. Intuitive, user-friendly, and easy-to-install.

Salesforce CRM

Plugin for Jira

Sugar CRM

Plugin for Jira


Plugin for Jira

Drive Continuous Innovation and Customer Value  at Scale

Goldfinger CRM plugin serve as a strategic asset for proactive product enhancement. By creating a continuous feedback loop, teams gain valuable insights to inform innovation, ensuring the product remains agile and responsive to evolving customer needs. This free flow of information and data not only streamlines operational processes but also cultivates a customer-centric development approach, propelling teams towards a culture of continuous improvement.


Three easy steps to roll out your CRM-Jira integration

API-level integrations that seamlessly flow your data across your CRM 

Install your CRM (Salesforce, Sugar, MSD)
Install Plum CRM from Atlassian Marketplace
Sync data

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Fantastic support I want to express my gratitude to Doug in particular for his time and assistance. We had some problems, but Doug was always able to come out with a workaround. Every time we needed assistance identifying a new solution or looking into a problem, the support responses always gave us more than enough information to continue.
Kiran K